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Marcello Di Paola

Titolare di Insegnamento


Summary statement

I am currently a Research and Teaching Fellow at the Center for Ethics and Global Politics at LUISS University, Rome, and Academic Dean at CEA Global Campus, Rome.


LUISS University, Italy
PhD Political Theory

Date of Graduation: July 2010
Referees: Prof. Sebastiano Maffettone (LUISS); Prof. Dale W. Jamieson (NYU)

The London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom
MSc Philosophy, Public Policy, and Social Value (with Distinction)
Date of Graduation: October 2003
Referee: Prof. Edward F. McClennen

University College Utrecht, the Netherlands
B.A. Social Sciences (Concentrations: Political Science, Economics, Anthropology)
Referees: Prof. Frans van Waarden; Dr. Francesco Maiolo
Date of Graduation: July 2001

Teaching experience

Graduate Courses

Sept. 2010-present: LUISS “Guido Carli” University, Rome (Italy)

  • Global Justice – Lecturer and syllabus developer
  • Distributive Justice – Lecturer
  • Theories of Globalization – Lecturer
  • Sustainable Development – Lecturer and syllabus developer
  • Climate Change: Ethics and Politics – Lecturer and syllabus developer 

Undergraduate courses

January 2012-present: CEA Global Campus, Rome (Italy)

  • Business Ethics & Management in a Global Context – Lecturer and syllabus developer

January-June 2010: University College Utrecht (the Netherlands)

  • Political Theory - Lecturer
  • Modern Politics and Political Ideologies – Lecturer     



Canned Heat: Theoretical and Practical Challenges of Global Climate Change - ed., with G. Pellegrino – Delhi: Routledge Publishing, 2013

Giardini Globali: una filosofia dell’ambientalismo urbano – Rome: LUISS University Press, 2012


“Climate Change: Who Does What, Why, and How”, in Canned Heat: Theoretical and Practical Challenges of Global Climate Change, ed. M. Di Paola and G. Pellegrino. Delhi: Routledge Publishing, 2013

“Environmental Stewardship, Moral Psychology, and Gardens”, Environmental Values, Vol. 22, No.4, 2013

“Globalizing Justice: A Multidimensional Approach – 1) Economics: Indicators and Policy Implications”, with V. Gentile, The Global Policy Journal, Vol. 4, Issue 3, 2013

“Globalizing Justice: A Multidimensional Approach – 1) Economics”, with V. Gentile, The Global Policy Journal, Vol. 4, Issue 2, 2013

“Sospensione riproduttiva temporanea: etica delle popolazioni e cambiamento climatico”, with G. Pellegrino, Iride, a. XXV, n. 65, 2012/1

Le virtù ambientali e il paradigma del giardino”, La società degli individui, n. 39, XIII, 2010/3.

“The Scapegoat Theory of Causality”, Reduction and Elimination in Philosophy and the Sciences, ed. by A. Hieke and H. Leitgeb - Proceedings of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society, XVI, 2008 – also available at http://wab.uib.no/agora-alws/

Forthcoming Articles

“Climate Change and Moral Corruption” (Philosophy and Public Issues, 2013)

“Wittgenstein Gone Wild” (Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture, 2013)

“L’etica nell’era dell’uomo”, with S. Maffettone, (Atti dei Convegni Lincei, 2013)