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Doctoral Program in Politics: History, Theory, Science

Ph.D. Program in Politics: History, Theory, Science

For the 2017-2018 academic year, six positions are available.

The application for admission must be submitted online by April 20, 2017- h 12 a.m.

In order for us to consider your application it is necessary that you submit a complete application. You must upload all of the requested documentation, and supply correct referee details through our online application system.

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The Ph.D. Program in Politics: History, Theory, Science, in collaboration with the Center for Ethics and Global Politics (CEGP), since 2004, is aimed to offer an interdisciplinary perspective on contemporary global political studies. The faculty includes both Italian and international professors. The program has enrolled more 30 students in the last three years, with more than fifty percent of foreign students. Recently the program has been enriched by the collaboration of the International Center on Democracies and Democratizations (ICEDD) and the Italian Center for Electoral Studies - Centro Italiano Studi Elettorali (CISE).

Areas of study:

  • philosophy and political theory (ethics and applied philosophy, political and social philosophy, ethics of international relations and human rights theories)
  • political science, with particular reference to democracy and democratization, electoral studies, globalization, international relations and international political economy
  • epistemology, methodology of research, quantitative methods
  • history of politics, international relations, institutions, political ideas of the XIX and XX centuries

The entire length of the program is three years. The coursework part is held in the first academic year. The second and the third years are generally devoted to the research work and can include a research fellowship period abroad (in agreement with the supervisor and with the Board of Professors). The program is in English.

Board of Professors

  • Paolo Bellucci (University of Siena)
  • Eugenio Capozzi (Suor Orsola)
  • Francesca Corrao
  • Roberto D’Alimonte
  • Raffaele De Mucci
  • Lorenzo De Sio
  • Giuseppe Di Gaspare
  • Sergio Fabbrini
  • Valentina Gentile
  • David Held (Durham University)
  • Antonio La Spina
  • Nicola Lupo
  • Sebastiano Maffettone
  • Raffaele Marchetti
  • Leonardo Morlino
  • Giovanni Orsina
  • Gianfranco Pellegrino
  • Arlo Poletti
  • Michele Sorice
  • Antonio Varsori (Università Padova) 

Professors from other universities

  • Luciano Andreozzi (Trento University)
  • Daniele Archibugi (University of Sussex)
  • Richard Bellamy (UCL)
  • Lucia Bonfreschi (IMT Lucca)
  • Maria Elena Cavallaro (IMT Lucca)
  • Manlio Corselli (University of Palermo)
  • Zaid Eyadat (University of Jordan)
  • Elisabatta Galeotti (University of Piemonte Orientale)
  • Dale Jamieson (NYU)
  • Marc Lazar (Science Po)
  • Michele Mangini (University of Bari)
  • David Rasmussen (Boston College)
  • Aakash Singh Rathore (JNU Delhi)
  • Ingrid Salvatore (University of Salerno)
  • Andrea Sangiovanni (King's College)
  • Leif Wenar (King's College)