Marta Simoncini


Marta holds a PhD in administrative law (University of Pisa), a Laurea in Political Sciences, majoring law (University of Pisa) and a University Diploma in the same area (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa). Prior to joining Luiss, Marta was an FWO post-doctoral fellow at King’s College London and the University of Antwerp and a Max Weber fellow at the European University Institute. Marta is also fellow in EU law at University College London and of the UK Higher Education Academy.

Her research interests cover European law and administrative governance, in particular in the check-and-balances applicable to discretion, especially in the context of risk-based regulation. She published extensively in international and national peer-reviewed journals, and she also authored two monographs for Hart Publishing (2018) and Editoriale Scientifica (2010) and she co-edited a volume for Routledge (2017).