Lessons start for the 1st semester 2020/2021

We kindly inform students that 

  1. For Bachelor Degree courses, one-cycle Master Degree and for the II year of Master Degree courses, classes will start on September, 14th 2020
  2. For I year Master Degree students, classes will start on September 21st, 2020. 

Students are required to consult the Class Schedule and the Academic calendar

Luiss Freshers' Week 2020 

Please keep in mind that from Monday 7th to Friday 18th September the new edition of Freshers' Week will be held (https://freshersweek.luiss.it/en/) dedicated to welcoming the freshers, new students of the academic year 2020/2021. 

For Bachelor students the Freshers' Week activities are optional and will be held partly in attendance, on campus, and partly remotely, online. It will be possible to participate subject to application during the period from 7th to 14th September at the following link: https://freshersweek.luiss.it/en/lauree-triennali/

For Bachelor students and one-cycle degree students, Pre-program courses with  mandatory attendance  will take place for different Degree Courses (https://economiaefinanza.luiss.it/en/course-information/pre-program-courses). 

For Master Degree students, the activities will be mandatory and will be completely held remotely, from September 7th to 18th (https://freshersweek.luiss.it/en/lauree-magistrali/)

The central day for the welcoming activities will be Monday 14th September with the annual Greeting to the Freshers held by the leading personalities of the University.

In order to allow students to attend the freshers welcome, lectures will be suspended until 2PM for I year Bachelor, Master and one-cycle Master Degree students.