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Workshops are innovative forms of teaching with high practical value. An important area of academic education, they are aimed at developing specific skills of a specialized-operational nature and general skills of a complementary nature, now widely demanded by the labor market for successful professional careers.

The educational methodology is highly interactive, accompanied by classroom simulations, discussions coordinated by the head of the workshop, role-playing, the acquisition of techniques for the preparation of professional tools and documents, summaries of conferences or of documents, continuous written exercises (possibly also in foreign languages), individual or collective presentations of scientific work and/or papers, drills, in-depth analyses and team-working.

Workshops are designed for a limited number of students. This is the only way to have a student-oriented project that can accomplish the project’s many set goals.

Bachelor’s degree workshops

Master’s degree workshops

Master’s degree in International Relations:

Master’s degree in Science of Government and Public Communication: