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Political Science - Program for 2014/2015

Category: L36 - Political Science and International Relations (bachelor's degree)

  • Major in Political Science
  • Major in Politics, Philosophy and Economics

LUISS Guido Carli offers a comprehensive program aimed at:

  • providing students with the most advanced theoretical and practical tools to understand the political, philosophical and economic implications of a globalizing world;
  • developing skills and abilities useful for a wide range of future careers and activities.

PPE is an interdisciplinary program that offers a social science based education constructed on a sound philosophical foundation accompanied by the most advanced theoretical tools used in the political and economic sciences.

PPE students will engage in interdisciplinary studies. They are encouraged to explore and integrate many relevant disciplines and research areas. They will examine the nature and implications of human decision-making in political arenas; the relevance of quantitative methods to the description and conceptualization of political issues; the nature, principles and scope of distributive justice; the normative questions and real-life challenges posed by environmental problems; and the complex relationships between economic, political and legal institutions in the face of global transformations.

The program prepares its graduates for careers in public policy and public service, political and economic consulting, journalism, law, and international affairs. PPE at LUISS offers solid preparation for graduate studies in related disciplines. Our goal is to offer an integrated, cross-disciplinary perspective, able to shape a way of thinking critically and flexibly that is adequate to the new demands of high-level professions in a global setting. We achieve this by first providing students with a foundation in the relevant disciplines, then by emphasizing the synergies and differences between their approaches.

Admission procedure

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