Master's degree programs

Selection period: July 2020
Selection method: Web Self-Service, according to procedures indicated by the Student Office

Before selecting courses, students must pay close attention to:

  • syllabus
  • possible prerequisites
  • course location
  • timetable
  • the semester in which courses are offered


Course syllabuses and timetables will be available online during the selection period to allow students to make sure their selections are compatible. Overlapping courses may not be modified.


Student may also choose courses offered by other Departments (only master’s courses).

Students in European Studies, Global Studies and Public Policies may only choose courses offered in English.

Students may also choose courses offered by other Departments (master’s courses only).

Once the selection window has closed, students may not modify their selections.

Lesson times are published by instructor’s surname. 

Courses will only be run if the minimum number of participants is reached. If the minimum is not reached, students will be contacted to make a second choice.

Students that do not select courses by the deadline will be assigned a class schedule that cannot be modified.

Elective courses I semester 2020-2021
Course timetables for the I semester will be published in time for the selection.
Elective courses for the I semester will be held online, with some exceptions as indicated by the course timetable.

Timetables are subject to change. If conflicts should arise and students need to modify a selection, please write to for assistance.
Elective courses II semester 2020-2021
Course timetables will be available following government protocols regarding social distancing in December 2020. We still ask that students make course selections according to their interests and coherence with their studies.

Once official timetables have been published, students may make requests to change courses only for valid reasons (such as conflicting lessons) by writing to for assistance.

Code Course Professor Program Video
SKN Asian Studies
  • Franco Mazzei
Program Video
T037 Campaigning e organizzazione del consenso
  • Massimiliano Panarari
Program Video
M315 Constitutional adjudication in europe
  • Fasone Cristina / Pasquino Pasquale
Program Video
M230 Diplomacy and Negotiation
  • Pasquale Ferrara
Program Video
SIL Diritto sanitario
  • Carpani Guido / Morana Donatella
Program Video
M407 The international Politics of the EU
  • Thomas Christiansen
M059 EU Labour Law and Social Policies
  • Edoardo Ales
Program Video
M120 Geografia Politica
  • Alfonso Giordano
Program Video
M314 Geopolitical Scenarios and Political Risk
  • Giuseppe Scognamiglio
Program Video
M057 History of the Americas
  • Gregory Alegi
  • Laura Fotia
Program Video
M231 International Protection of Cultural Heritage   Program Video
M299 Islam in Europa: migrazioni, integrazione e sicurezza
  • Francesca Maria Corrao
  • Angelino Alfano
Program Video
M325 Leadership nelle organizzazioni pubbliche
  • Simone Tani
Program Video
M226 Monetary Policy, Economic Growth and International Affairs
  • Marco Magnani
Program Video
M055 Opinione pubblica e comportamento politico
  • Aldo Paparo
Program Video
M178 Russian History and Politics
  • Igor Pellicciari
  • Riccardo Mario Cucciolla
Program Video
S59 Studi strategici
  • Lucio Caracciolo
  • Germano Dottori
Program Video
SIN Teorie e tecniche del lobbying
  • Pier Luigi Petrillo
Program Video
M313 The EU External Action
  • Marie Louise Cremona
M300 Urban Law and Policy
  • Fernando Christian Iaione
Program Video
GMP09 Global politics
  • Marchetti Raffaele
GMP10 International institutions and global governance
  • Christopher Michaelsen
GMP11 Global history
  • Forlenza Rosario
GMP12 Political risk analysis
  • Cecilia Emma Sottilotta
GMP14 Business ethics
  • Gianfranco Pellegrino
M328 The Politics of Cultural Heritage in Europe
  • Mark Thatcher
Programma Video

Courses that will not be activated in academic year 2020-21:

Code Course Professor Program Video
  • Fasone/Pasquino

Courses that have reached the maximum number of students:

Code Course Professor Program Video
M127 Security Studies
  • Carlo Magrassi
Programma Video

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