Scienze Politiche /Politics, Philosophy and Economics


According to Ministerial Legislation all students enrolled in their first year of the bachelors degree courses, Masters degree courses, and single-cycle master's degree program must posses some basic knowledge related to the course they are enrolled in.

In particular, all students enrolled in the first year of the bachelors degree course in Scienze Politiche  and Politics, Philosophy and Economics will have to take a test. The test is designed to establish whether they have relevant shortcomings in the historical area. Students that will fail to reach the minimum threshold required for the test will be attributed additional training obligations (OFA) to fulfill In order to be able to take the relevant exam associated to it.  therefore students with additional training obligations (OFA) must pass this course in order to take the Contemporary History exam.


From Monday 29 August to Friday 2 September, all three-year and single-cycle freshmen are invited to take the verification tests of additional training obligations, called OFA (“Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi”).

The test will be carried out exclusively online.

Students can book one slot at the time they prefer: 10 slots lasting 1 hour will be available for each day, subject to availability.

Reservations can be made starting from Wednesday 24 August through the "OFA Assessment Test" page, available on Luiss Learn in the "Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi – OFA" section (direct link https://learn.luiss.it/course/view.php?id=15458).

We remind you that to access Luiss Learn you must have created a Luiss account and a Keyless account. We invite you to follow the instructions indicated on the page https://www.luiss.edu/students/digital-learning.

Each student can book only one slot. Absent students or those who fail to pass the test will not be able to repeat it during the week and will be assigned an additional training obligation (OFA), reported in their academic career, whose fulfillment is necessary in order to take the relevant exam associated to it.

To fulfill the training obligation, it will be necessary to take the test in special scheduled sessions starting from the middle of September, according to the indications that will be communicated later by e-mail. To prepare the test, students will be able to refer to the teaching materials that will be made available on the Luiss Learn platform from 5 September.


The results will be immediately available after the test. Subsequently, it will also be possible to see the results in the personal web self service page.

In case of attribution of the additional training obligations (OFA), there will be specific sessions to repeat the test throughout the year. The necessary information to take the test will be available on Luiss Learn and all students will be informed through a dedicated communication.

Moreover, after September 5th, specific study material will be available on Luiss Learn for students that need to retake the test.

Below you can find the syllabus for the Contemporary History course.