Other activities offered by the Department

Activity Type - Degree Program CFU
Simulazioni WMUN, MUN Model United Nations (MUN) / main international organizations simulations - Bachelor DP 4
Guided visits The tour guide preparation course - Bachelor/Master's DP 4
Percorsi Assisi Interuniversity education project - Bachelor DP 4
Policy Game Italian parliamentary simulation - Bachelor DP 4
Connessioni Made in Italy Project aimed at strengthening relations between universities, high schools and businesses - Bachelor DP 4
EWEI projects Model European Union - Bachelor DP 4
Summer School Engage ENGAGE.EU Summer School "Digitalization and Challenges for European Society" - Bachelor DP 4
Luiss Summer University Depends on the program* *
Team Manager AS Luiss course Tranining course for Team Managers - Bachelor DP 4

* Regardless of the total duration of each program, the participation in the Summer Universities programs provides for the recognition of 4 credits (if inserted in student's study plan).

Consules/ Associazione Diplomatici / Giovani nel Mondo

For the recognition of the relative credits for the simulation activities carried out with the Consules or "Diplomatici" Associations compatibly with the choices made in the study plan, once the experience has been completed, the students enrolled in the three-year degree courses must forward to the Department Office (scientepolitiche@luiss.it) the certification issued by the organizers of simulations.

Scuola Sinderesi within Alberto Hurtado Centre for Faith and Culture

The activity in the academic year 2021-2022 can assign credits valid as Other Activities for three-year students of the Department of Political Science and single-cycle Law students only if the SJ1 code has been inserted in the choice of the Study Plan.

Registration info:

Secretariat of the Alberto Hurtado Center: cfc@unigre.it

The recognition will take place after a certificate of participation, with the indication of the hours of activity actually carried out and the passing of the final verification sent by email to scienzepolitiche@luiss.it.

Programma ITA