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Giacomo Sillari

Main publications (last 10 years)

  • Cafaggi, Fabrizio; Sillari, Giacomo (2018). Behavioural Insights in Consultation Design: A Dialogical Architecture. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF RISK REGULATION, p. 603-631. ISSN 1867-299X.
  • Bruni, Riccardo; Sillari, Giacomo (2018). A Rational Way of Playing: Revision Theory for Strategic Interaction. JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHICAL LOGIC, p. 419-448. ISSN 0022-3611.
  • Sillari, Giacomo; Vanderschraaf, P. (2014). Common Knowledge, in Edward N. Zalta edited by Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The Metaphysics Research Lab Center for the Study of Language and Information, Stanford University. p. 1-108.
  • R., Muldoon; C., Lisciandra; M., Colyvan; C., Martini; Sillari, Giacomo; J., Sprenger (2014). Disagreement behind the veil of ignorance. PHILOSOPHICAL STUDIES, p. 377-394. ISSN 0031-8116.
  • Devetag, MARIA GIOVANNA; Hosni, Hykel; Sillari, Giacomo (2013). You better play 7: mutual versus common knowledge of advice in a weak-link experiment. SYNTHESE, p. 1351-1381. ISSN 0039-7857.
  • Sillari, Giacomo (2013). Common Knowledge, in Byron Kaldis edited by Encyclopedia of Philosophy and Social Sciences. SAGE. ISBN: 9781412986892.
  • Sillari, Giacomo (2013). Rule-following as Coordination. SYNTHESE, p. 871-890. ISSN 0039-7857.
  • Sillari, Giacomo (2010). `Seguire la regola' e coordinazione: la prospettiva della teoria dei giochi. RIVISTA DI FILOSOFIA, p. 335-386. ISSN 0035-6239.