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Livia De Giovanni

Livia De Giovanni
Full Professor

Areas of research: Multivariate statistical methods for the analysis of complex data, University Research and Teaching quality assessment

Main publications (last 10 years)

  • D'Urso, Pierpaolo; DE GIOVANNI, Livia; Disegna, Marta; Massari, Riccardo (2019). Fuzzy clustering with spatial–temporal information. SPATIAL STATISTICS, p. 71-102. ISSN 2211-6753.
  • DE GIOVANNI, Livia; D'Urso, Pierpaolo (2018). Unsupervised Learning, in Wiley edited by Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. John Wiley & Sons. p. 1-23. ISBN: 9780471346081.
  • D'Urso, Pierpaolo; DE GIOVANNI, Livia; Massari, Riccardo (2018). Robust fuzzy clustering of multivariate time trajectories. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPROXIMATE REASONING, p. 12-38. ISSN 0888-613X.
  • Pierpaolo, D'Urso; Riccardi, Massari; Carmela, Cappelli; DE GIOVANNI, Livia (2017). Autoregressive metric-based trimmed fuzzy clustering with an application to PM10 time series. CHEMOMETRICS AND INTELLIGENT LABORATORY SYSTEMS, p. 15-26. ISSN 0169-7439.
  • D'Urso, Pierpaolo; Massari, Riccardo; DE GIOVANNI, Livia; Cappelli, Carmela (2016). Exponential distance-based fuzzy clustering for interval-valued data. FUZZY OPTIMIZATION AND DECISION MAKING, p. 1-20. ISSN 1568-4539.
  • DE GIOVANNI, Livia; D'Urso, Pierpaolo; Massari, Riccardo (2016). GARCH-based robust clustering of time series. FUZZY SETS AND SYSTEMS, p. 1-28. ISSN 0165-0114.
  • DE GIOVANNI, Livia; Sica, Francesca (2016). Capitale umano e attrattività dei territori Vol. II - Gli indicatori chiave del capitale umano e della ricerca. RIVISTA DI POLITICA ECONOMICA, p. 1-387. ISSN 0035-6468.
  • DE GIOVANNI, Livia; P., D'Urso; R., Massari (2015). Trimmed fuzzy clustering for interval-valued data. ADVANCES IN DATA ANALYSIS AND CLASSIFICATION, p. 21-40. ISSN 1862-5347.
  • D'Urso, P.; DE GIOVANNI, Livia; Massari, R. (2015). Time series clustering by a robust autoregressive metric with application to air pollution. CHEMOMETRICS AND INTELLIGENT LABORATORY SYSTEMS, p. 107-124. ISSN 0169-7439.
  • DE GIOVANNI, Livia; Sica, Francesca (2014). Attrattività e competitività dei territori italiani I La metodologia di misura, II I risultati: le dimensioni dell’attrattività territoriale. RIVISTA DI POLITICA ECONOMICA, p. 13-234. ISSN 0035-6468.
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  • DE GIOVANNI, Livia; Pierpaolo, D'Urso; Marta, Disegna; Riccardo, Massari (2013). Bagged Clustering and its application to tourism market segmentation. EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, p. 4944-4956. ISSN 0957-4174.
  • P., D'Urso; DE GIOVANNI, Livia; R., Massari (2013). Noise fuzzy clustering of time series by autoregressive metric. METRON, p. 1-24. ISSN 0026-1424.
  • Maulucci, M.; Currò, V.; Maulucci, S.; De Rosa, E.; DE GIOVANNI, Livia (2013). Relationship between maternal pathology and infant social withdrawal: Analysis of a 268-outpatient population. OPEN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY, p. 311-315. ISSN 2161-7333.
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  • DE GIOVANNI, Livia; A., Callea; A., Pedon (2013). Shopping e personalità: l'influenza dei tratti caratteriali nell’acquisto patologico. MICRO & MACRO MARKETING, p. 233-250. ISSN 1121-4228.
  • P., D’Urso; DE GIOVANNI, Livia; E. A., Maharaj; R., Massari (2013). Wavelet-based Self-Organizing Maps for classifying multivariate time series. JOURNAL OF CHEMOMETRICS, p. 28-51. ISSN 0886-9383.
  • P. L., Conti; DE GIOVANNI, Livia; M., Naldi (2012). Estimation of traffic matrices in the presence of long memory traffic. STATISTICAL MODELLING, p. 29-65. ISSN 1471-082X.
  • D'Urso, Pierpaolo; DE GIOVANNI, Livia; Spagnoletti, Paolo (2012). A fuzzy taxonomy for e-Health projects. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MACHINE LEARNING AND CYBERNETICS, p. 1-18. ISSN 1868-8071.
  • DE GIOVANNI, Livia; P. L., Conti; M., Naldi (2012). A rank-and-compare algorithm to detect abnormally low bids in procurement auctions. ELECTRONIC COMMERCE RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS, p. 192-203. ISSN 1567-4223.
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  • DE GIOVANNI, Livia (2009). Statistica, in Arrigo Pedon edited by Dizionario di Statistica e Metodologia per le scienze del comportamento. Alpes Italia. p. 724-730. ISBN: 9788889923603.