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Sebastiano Maffettone

Sebastiano Maffettone
Visiting Professor

Areas of research: Corporate Social Responsibility, Political philosophy, Political Theory

Main publications (last 10 years)

  • Maffettone, Sebastiano (2019). Politica. Idee per un mondo che cambia.. Mondadori Education, p. 1-672.
  • Maffettone, Sebastiano (2018). Karl Marx nel XXI secolo. LUISS University Press, p. 1-183.
  • Maffettone, Sebastiano (2016). Il valore della vita: cosa conta davvero e perché. LUISS University Press, p. 1-304. ISBN: 978-88-6105-238-3.
  • Maffettone, Sebastiano (2014). Filosofia politica: una piccola introduzione. LUISS University Press, p. 9-206. ISBN: 978-88-6105-194-2.
  • Maffettone, Sebastiano (2013). Un mondo migliore: Giustizia globale tra Leviatano e Cosmopoli. LUISS UNIVERSITY PRESS, p. 1-213. ISBN: 9788861051843.
  • Maffettone, Sebastiano (2012). Global justification and local legitimation. CRITICAL REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL AND POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY, p. 239-257. ISSN 1369-8230.
  • Maffettone, Sebastiano (2012). Rawls: 40 years later (1971-2011). PHILOSOPHY & SOCIAL CRITICISM, p. 901-915. ISSN 1461-734X.
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  • Maffettone, Sebastiano (2011). How to avoid the liaison dangereuse between post-colonialism and postmodernism. PHILOSOPHY & SOCIAL CRITICISM, p. 493-504. ISSN 0191-4537.
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