Sports Observatory

The Observatory, in collaboration with Luiss Sport, carries out the following activities: microdata analysis on sports performance and microdata analysis on socio-economic impact; determination of prototypes of successful athletes based on their performance and playing strategies; econometric models for studying the relationship between sports activity / obesity and work performance; models to analyse the relational structure between sports and academic performance based on the data collected at Luiss; collection and dissemination of data regarding sports practice and related policies in Italy and Europe.

Research Office

Research Office


Anna Elisa D’Agostino
T: 0685225989

Viale Romania, 32
00197 Roma

Project Management

Chiara Sganga
T: 0685225994

Giovanni Vassallo
T: 0685225740

Licia Gallo
T: 0685225958  

Financial reporting

Roberta Pellicano
T: 0685225440

Research Centers

Alessandra Paoletti
T: 0685225826