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Program Structure

Program structure

XXXII Cycle (2016-2017): Structure of the program and credits

I year

I Term (Oct-Dec)
Core courses ECTS Curricula
Global Justice: a normative approach (Sebastiano Maffettone) 8PT/PS/PH
Empirical Theory of Democracy (Leonardo Morlino)  8 PT/PS/PH
Political Epistemology (Mario De Caro)  8 PT/PS/PH
Approaches and Methods in Social Research (Lorenzo De Sio)  8PT/PS/PH
Political History (Giovanni Orsina)8PT/PS/PH
Credits I Term 40
II Term (Jan-Mar)
Political Theory Political Science Political History
Course ETCS CourseECTS CourseECTS
Social and Political Philosophy (I. Salvatore)8x2Quantitative Methods (Quaranta)
8x2General Features of Transition to Democracy in Southern Europe: Spain as a case study (Cavallaro)8x2
Game Theory (Andreozzi)Institutions and Policies of the EU (Fabbrini)To be chosen from one of the other curricula
Credits II Term 16
III Term ( Apr-June)
Political Theory Political Science Political History (IMT Lucca)
Comparative Political Theory Arab Region and Asia (F. Corrao/A. Singh)8 Citizens, Elections, Parties (De Sio) 8 TBC 8
Religion and Politics (Gentile/Melidoro) 8IR theories (Marchetti) 8 TBC 8
Credits III Term 16

II  year

Qualifying Exam September 2017 No Admission to the 2nd year
Research Seminar I semester 8 Attendance (min. 80%)
Seminars and conferences All year 6 Attendance (min. 80%)
Credits II year14

III  year

Seminars and conferences All year 14 Attendance (min. 80%)
Credits III year94