Research Center on the Economics of Education and Training (CEFOP)

The idea of ​​a Study Center dedicated to the Economics of Education and Training stems from the need to fill a void in the Italian public and private research landscape, creating a research center whose institutional task is to monitor the evolution of our economic system towards a knowledge-based economy.

The analyzes produced by the Center will be addressed, in addition to professionals, to the world of businesses and families in order to guide the choices of the latter and form profiles leaving the school-university-training as compatible as possible with the required profiles. by companies, thus reducing the quantitative-qualitative gap between supply and demand and the mismatching between skills acquired during the education-training path and the work tasks performed.

The Center, in contrast with a well-established practice in Italy and abroad, intends to bring out a positive image of Italy without having to sacrifice impartiality in reading the data. To do this, in addition to traditional indicators, little-known data will be disseminated that emphasize the widespread Italian excellence in the field of production of goods, education, research and innovation. The ultimate goal is that excellence, by strengthening and spreading more and more, can create a system.


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Research Office

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