Luiss Observatory of Relations with East Asia (LOREA)

Director: Prof. Thomas Christiansen (

Reference center: ICEDD

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LOREA is a research observatory focused on the study about political, social, economic and cultural developments in East Asian societies, bilateral relations of East Asian states with one another, trilateral and regional arrangements in East Asia, East Asia in the context of the changing geo-political landscape globally, as well as relations between East Asia and Europe, and with Italy in particular. One particular focus of the observatory is on the connectivity agenda between East Asia and Europe, taking into account important developments such as the Belt and Road Initiative, the EU Connectivity Strategy, the Free and Open Indo-Pacific, and other such initiatives. These developments, occurring in the context of a wider global realignment challenging multilateral institutions and global governance, make it important to study the sustainability of connections between Europe and East Asia. The work of LOREA aims to contribute to debates about the strategic, economic, societal and culture value of Euro-Asia connectivity, about the sustainability of related policies and infrastructures, and about the governance arrangements of related institutions.