Center on International and European Organizations (CROIE)

Director: Prof. Elena Sciso (

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The CROIE, Center on International and European Organizations, analyzes the role played by international and European organizations within the contemporary international scene, both with reference to the contribution given to the management and resolution of crises, and with regard to development and evolution of international law that they induce.

The Center's research areas are: international and European regulation of migration; international economic law, with a special focus on EU trade and investment policy; the development of a common European defense and common security policy.

CROIE pursues a scientific and operational line based on constant integration and dialogue between research and training / dissemination of data. The Center wants to contribute in a concrete way to the creation of a teaching in which the professional developments of a graduate in Political Science, including research ones, are able to find an adequate space within the educational offer, for example by making available to students more deserving internships abroad at universities and research facilities or international organizations for the development of the final master's thesis in an international discipline. CROIE also provides a significant contribution to the activities of the Department of Political Science by organizing seminars, conferences and workshops on various topics of interest for research with the contribution of outstanding academics and industry experts. CROIE maintains privileged relationships with numerous national and international bodies, mainly public bodies and academic and research institutions, carrying out research with them on topics of common interest and organizing conventions and conferences. It also participates in research calls financed by both national and international bodies.