"Vittorio Bachelet" Research Center on Public Administration

Director: Prof. Bernardo Giorgio Mattarella (bmattarella@luiss.it)

The "Vittorio Bachelet" Research Center on Public Administration, established in 1992, has the purpose to study and research Public Administrations and their transformations. The research, carried out with an interdisciplinary approach, is preferably addressed to issues of interest to the Public Administrations and in view of the definition or implementation of administrative reforms.

The Center’s research areas are: the system of autonomies (regional and local); the European perspective of public administrations; the tools for the protection of citizens; issues related to some fundamental sectors of public services, primarily education, health and the environment (e.g. school system, teaching civic education, issues of health law, administration of sustainable development); digital law; the reforms that have the greatest impact on the physiognomy and formation of public management and on the relationships between citizens and administrative institutions (e.g. social citizenship, horizontal subsidiarity, administrative justice); interior administration and security; public policy analysis; citizenship, participation and civic education.

The Center carries out scientific, theoretical and applied surveys and consultancy, at the same time promoting the training of young researchers and experts from the administration and public institutions, also through study meetings, seminars and conferences, often of a comparative nature. It also organizes training activities for managers and public operators, especially in innovative or experimental sectors, with the aim of strengthening the link between administrative reforms and training or updating of managers.

Since 2001, the Center has published the online legal journal "Amministrazione in cammino" (ISSN 2038-3711), which outlines reports, notes and comments, jurisprudence on public law, economic law and administrative science.

The Center is also responsible for the publication of the "Series of studies on public administration" published by Wolters Kluwer which collects monographic studies on the main issues concerning public institutions and administrations prepared by scholars from and outside the Center.

Structures established within the Center