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La République En Marche: anatomie d'un mouvement

7 novembre 2019 ore 15:00 - 16:30
Sala Consiglio Viale Pola ,12

Interviene Bruno Cautrès, docente presso l'università di Sciences Po.

The election of Emmanuel Macron in 2017 is a major political event in Europe in more ways than one. Not only has this election resulted in an unprecedented 'electoral big bang' in France since 1958, but this election has also had a significant impact on the party system that has been in place for several decades. One of the most spectacular elements of this electoral change, which we described with Anne Muxel as an "electoral revolution", was Emmnauel Macron's ability to create a new kind of political organization, "En Marche!", then became "La République en Marche". The success of this political movement, in such short time, poses important questions to the specialists of political parties and party systems: what is this political movement? Is a "party" ? What is his sociology? Are the members of this movement coming from civil society, what are their 'political cultures' and their motivations? Is this movement a stable political construction or a fragile one ? To answer these important questions, we made in 2018 a large survey of the members of La République en Marche. This survey, both quantitative (over a sample of more than 8000 members) and qualitative, is among the biggest studies on a political organization in Europe. This seminar presents the methodology followed and the main results of this study, and will relate these results to the present situation of French politics and Emmanuel Macron leadership. 


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