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Academic Writing Workshop

For students in the bachelor's degree program in Politics, Philosophy and Economics:

The Academic Writing Workshop 2016-2017 is a compulsory course for all students enrolled in the second year of the bachelor's degree program in the Department of Political Science. The course fulfills requirements for the final research paper, and students are required to attend and pass the Workshop in order to graduate.

As decided by the Department Council, attendance at the Writing Workshop is one of the mandatory activities to obtain the degree, as it equips students with the theoretical knowledge and practical competence necessary to produce formal writing that is clear and well-organized, concise, as well as grammatically and orthographically accurate. This competence is developed by engaging in activities which enable students to produce the kind of writing which is indispensable for the final research paper.

Teaching method

The didactic approach is highly interactive and involves participation in activities such as critical reading and text analysis, discussions organized by the teacher, written work, revision and editing, and group work. At every class meeting the teacher will provide input on specific language and text features and engage students in carrying out related tasks. After every class students will do autonomous work, written exercises and brief written texts, according to their language level.

Evaluation criteria

Students must attend regularly (at least 70% of the total contact hours) and produce the required number of written assignments.

The workshop teacher can evaluate students' participation in a variety of ways  including exercises, written work, class participation, a test or final in-class writing.

Class schedule

The Workshop is organized as follows:

  • Module one: Academic Writing Skills 
  • Module two: Research Skills

The Workshop will be taught:

  • In the second semester 2016-2017 academic year
  • In the first semester 2017-2018 academic year

In February 2017 students must refer to the lists of laboratory groups to find out details about professor, classroom and timetable.

Class schedule


Module one: second semester II year 2016-2017 academic year

  • Group 1 - Prof. Frank Amodeo: Academic Writing Skills from 4/6/2017 to 5/12/2017
  • Group 2 - Prof. Christine Eade: Academic Writing Skills from 4/6/2017 to 5/12/2017
  • Group 3 - Prof. Maria Christine Hillan: Academic Writing Skills from 2/17/2017 to 3/24/2017

Module two: first semester III year 2017-2018 academic year

  • Gruppo 1 - Prof. Frank Amodeo: Research Skills from 10/26/2017 to 11/30/2017
  • Gruppo 2 - Prof. Christine Eade: Research Skills  from 9/142017 to 10/19/2017
  • Gruppo 3 - Prof. Maria Christine Hillan: Research Skills from 9/14/2017 to 10/19/2017