Getting to Next Generation EU: interstate coalition politics and its outcome in the European Union

Mer, 09/22/2021 - 13:00 / 14:30

205, Viale Romania

Speaker: Sergio Fabbrini , Luiss


The seminar aims to explain the 2020 approval of ‘Next Generation EU’, a program of historical importance, through an inter-coalitional (and not inter-institutional or inter-partisan) paradigm. NG-EU is interpreted in the context of a confrontation between three distinct interstate coalitions, coordinating a group of countries from the north (the Frugal coalition) against the core of continental countries (the Solidarity coalition) and then a group of countries from the east (the Sovereignty coalition) against the previous two coalitions allied together. Based on the discursive institutionalism’s approach, the article reconstructs the policy discourse shared by the members of each coalition, thus coherently utilized along the fault lines which structured the 2020 policy-making process. The policy coherence and the organizational consistency of the three coalitions seemed to have accelerated the process of sub-regional formation already emerged during the 2010s multiple crisis.