Attracting Visitors to Cultural Heritage Sites, both physical and digital

Ven, 04/08/2022 - 09:00 / 13:00

Aula 200, Viale Romania

Speaker: Roundtable , consulta la lista partecipanti

The second meeting of the Luiss Cultural Heritage Initiative

9.30 am Institutional greetings

Andrea Prencipe
Rector, Luiss University

Mark Thatcher
Luiss Professor and Academic Organiser
of the Luiss Cultural Heritage Initiative

9:45 am I Session: The National
Recovery and Resilience Plan and
Attracting Visitors

Opening remarks
Massimo Osanna
Director of the Museums General Direction,
Italian Ministry of Culture

10.30 am II Session: Managing visitors
and attracting local communities;
minorities; young people
Massimo Amodio
Vice President, Roffredo Caetani Foundation

11:30 am Coffee break

12:00 pm III Session: Cultural heritage
sites between virtual and physical

Opening remarks
Gabriel Zuchtriegel
Director of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii

Ilaria Bonaccossa
Director of the Digital Art National Museum

1:00 pm Concluding remarks
and next steps
Following the opening remarks, each session will
include a discussion in which scholars, academics,
and professionals in the field will participate.