Understanding the Moralist International. Value conflicts in a global context and the role of Russia as conservative norm entrepreneur

Mer, 11/30/2022 - 12:30 / 13:30

103AB, Viale Romania

Speaker: Kristina Stoeckl , University of Innsbruck


Kristina Stoeckl will present the key arguments of her recent book Moralist International (2022, co-authored with Dmitry Uzlaner) on the role of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian state in the global culture wars over gender and reproductive rights and religious freedom. The book is the result of a five-year research project funded by the European Research Council. The presentation discusses the entanglements between the Russian Orthodox Church and conservative and right-wing Christian groups in the West, and the close alliance between church and state, which has turned Russia into a norm entrepreneur for international moral conservativism. Kristina Stoeckl will reflect on methodological questions for doing sociological research in high-risk contexts and elaborate on the research program of a political sociology of religions.