The 2022 US Mid-term Elections and their Consequences for Europe

Mer, 11/02/2022 - 12:30 / 13:30

205AB, Viale Romania

Speaker: Donald E. Abelson , Brian Mulroney Institute of Government


Millions of Americans and millions more around the globe are anxiously awaiting the outcome of the 2022 US Mid-term elections, considered by many to be among the most consequential elections in American history. At stake is not only control over the US Congress, but conceivably, who will occupy the White House in 2024. Should the Republicans regain control of even one chamber, there will be widespread concern among Democrats and countless world leaders that Donald Trump will be well-positioned to return to the presidency. After four tumultuous years of watching Trump’s efforts to dismantle the Paris Climate Agreement, and attack both multilateral and international organizations, it is understandable why many throughout Europe are holding their breath. This presentation will focus on what may happen on November 8th, and the potential challenges and opportunities for Europeans as they prepare for an uncertain future with the United States.

Donald E. Abelson, PhD, is Director, Brian Mulroney Institute of Government, Steven K. Hudson Chair in Canada-US Relations, and Professor, Political Science, St. Francis Xavier University. Before joining StFX in 2019, Dr. Abelson served as Director, Canada-US Institute, Director, Centre for American Studies, and Chair, Political Science, University of Western Ontario. He is also Adjunct Professor (Political Science), Dalhousie University and Adjunct Research Professor (Political Science), University of Western Ontario. Dr. Abelson received his MA and PhD (Political Studies) from Queen’s University, an MA (Journalism) from the University of Western Ontario, and a BA Hons. (Political Science), University of Toronto. He teaches and conducts research in the fields of Comparative Politics (Canada and the US) and International Relations.

Dr. Abelson is the author of several books, including Transatlantic Relations: Challenge and Resilience (co-edited with Stephen Brooks, Routledge, 2022); Handbook on Think Tanks in Public Policy, (co-edited with Christopher J. Rastrick, Edward Elgar, 2021); Do Think Tanks Matter? Assessing the Impact of Public Policy Institutes (3rd ed., McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2018); Think Tanks Foreign Policy and Geo-Politics: Pathways to Influence (with Stephen Brooks and Xin Hua, Routledge, 2017); Northern Lights: Exploring Canada’s Think Tank Landscape (MQUP, 2016); and A Capitol Idea: Think Tanks & U.S. Foreign Policy (MQUP, 2006). Each of these books has been translated into Simplified Chinese. The third edition of Dr. Abelson's, Do Think Tanks Matter? has been published in Arabic through the Center for Research and Intercommunication Knowledge in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He is also the author of over five-dozen journal articles and book chapters.

He is currently writing a textbook with Stephen Brooks and Melissa Hausmann entitled Understanding American Politics, forthcoming from the University of Toronto Press. In addition, he is co-editing, with Stephen Brooks, a volume for McGill-Queen’s University Press entitled History Has Made Us Friends: Rethinking the ‘Special Relationship’ between Canada and the United States.

In addition to his teaching and research interests, Dr. Abelson appears regularly on various media networks in Canada, the United States, Europe and the Middle East to discuss Canada-US relations and US foreign policy.